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Work Based Learning Opportunities

Our mission is simple: give students a place to perform at their best.
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What is Work Based Learning?

Work Based Learning allows you to have the opportunity to choose the career path you want to take and gives you a headstart on experience in the field that you choose. By taking part in this program, students have been able to get a jumpstart on their future plans.

Students can experience:

  • 1 Job Shadowing
  • 2 Internships
  • 3 Cooperative Education
  • 4 Pre-Apprenticeships
  • 5 Apprenticeships
  • 6 Part-time Employment
  • 7 Seasonal Employment
  • 8 Career Fairs
  • 9 Volunteer Work
  • 10 Service Learning
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Open Positions

Here you can find opportunities to volunteer at different companies based on your experience.

Lindenwold, New Jersey

CobbleStone is searching for a Legal Data Entry Intern with experience preferable in the legal services industry who will lead customer facing activities, customer service, quality, customer activities, customer experience improvements, and related activities.

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Lindenwold, New Jersey

This position that will provide an intern with valuable corporate sales and marketing experience with an opportunity for full-time marketing/sales/customer support employment.

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Vineland, New Jersey

This is a great opportunity for students who are looking for a chance to submit their ideas to this company and learn how a work environment operates.

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This opportunity to volunteer allows students to help give patients better care and learn about the interactions that go on in a health care community.

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Why Work Based Learning?

When students take part in DelseaCTE it allows them to get educational experiences that provides them with real-world workplace experience, allowing them to apply the knowledge and skills they have learned in the classroom in a practical setting. With all of the opportunites that come with Work Based Learning, our students can be more sucessful in their future when finding careers in the modern job market.

Apply via E-mail

If you need to send us mail regarding job opportunities, please write to us at for more information. Extension 373, the school number is +(856) 694-0100

Local Job Resources

South Jersey Chamber of Commerce Job Board

Resources for job seekers, such as resume help, career advice, and job search tips. In addition, it offers events, webinars, and networking opportunities to help employers and job seekers connect.

Gloucester County Workforce Development Board Job Listing

The Gloucester County Workforce Development Board (GCWDB) is a county-level organization that provides job seekers with access to jobs, helpful resources, and training programs.

Gloucester County Chamber of Commerce Job Board

The Gloucester County Chamber of Commerce Job Board is designed to link local employers and job seekers in order to create a strong and vibrant local economy.

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